Don't Cancel That Class

Are you expecting to miss one or more of your class periods this semester due a professional or personal reason? Instead of canceling the class, consider the "Don't Cancel that Class" initiative, which will host your class in your absence by presenting on the topic of your choice.

The Student Loan Education Office, Margaret Sloss Women's Center, Academic Success Center, Student Assistance, and Student Wellness have joined together to implement the "Don't Cancel that Class" initiative. This initiative will serve as a centralized place for you to request a presentation from any of the above listed offices. To request a presentation please complete the Don't Cancel That Class: Request Form

Please note that presentations are not guaranteed but are based on the availability of the presenters and most require two weeks advance notice. A confirmation email will be sent to you 2-3 business days after you submit your request.

Presentation choices:

Student Loan Education Office

  1. Know Before you Owe: Student Loans 101. Learn about the various student loan options, the basics of borrowing, repayment plans, forgiveness options, and more!
  2. Your Credit Score: The Magic Number Explained. Learn about the importance of a credit score and credit report and how it may influence some major decisions in the near future. Students will leave the session knowing where they can check their credit score and report for free!
  3. How not to move back in with your parents: The Basics of Budgeting: Learn how to create a budget and stick with it! Financial independence can be achieved after graduation by making some adjustments to your financial choices now.

Margaret Sloss Women's Center

  1. The F-Word…Feminism: Feminism has been defined many different ways. This presentation will share the different definitions of feminism, identify who can be feminists, and explore ways feminism contributes to society.
  2. Who Needs Gender Roles When You Can Have Pizza Rolls (Pizza Rolls not included): This presentation will engage participants in a conversation about gender roles by completing a gender box group activity. Questions such as "Why do we associate colors with gender?" will challenge participants to consider why society continues to put gender roles in a box.

Academic Success Center

  1. Time Management: Strategies for effectively understanding time management, particularly as it relates to study skills.
  2. Exam Preparation: Strategies to be used throughout the semester to prepare for test, suggestions for reducing test anxiety, and tips for test day.
  3. Study Skills Overview: Discussion of basic study strategies such as note-taking, reading, and information application to general courses.

Student Wellness

  1. Alcohol and You: This interactive program will have students engage in interactive activities to learn about factors that affect Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and exploring alcohol use at ISU.
  2. Pillow Talk: This interactive program will debunk common sleep myths, discuss the best kind of nap to take to feel rejuvenated, describe positive sleep hygiene habits, allow participants to identify their current sleep hygiene habits and set goals to improve their sleep.
  3. Stress Less: This revitalizing program discusses what stress is and the long term impact of stress on the mind and body. Participants will engage in mindfulness exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing exercises to de-stress and enhance their well-being.
  4. Thrive at ISU: Resilience is the ability to bounce back and positively cope with stress and adversity. In this interactive program, participants will learn characteristics that make a person resilient and participate in exercises created to foster resilience and help them to thrive while at Iowa State. Participants will identify lifestyle changes that can help them to be more resilient to improve their overall well-being.
  5. What's for Dinner: This interactive program will engage students in learning how to make food and eating a priority in their busy schedules.
  6. The Joy of Eating: This interactive program will engage students in challenging the diet mentality and re-discovering the joy of eating!
  7. Healthy Relationships: Healthy Relationships engages students in discussing healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors and promotes being an active bystander.
  8. Practical Spirituality & Emotional Well-Being: An engaging presentation with interactive discussion and exploration into the two distinct dimensions of wellness that we cannot touch… they're not tangible. By digging deeper into these mind and body elements of wellbeing, we will explore 16 alternatives to consider as a means of incorporating practical spirituality and emotional well-being into your daily life.
  9. Green Dot Bystander Intervention Overview: The Green Dot overview is a 60 minutes interactive presentation that introduces the basic elements of Green Dot while using some skill building activities to engage participants in immediate action. The basic elements of the presentation are used to provide a new framework of bystander intervention, generate campus-wide buy-in, and begin the process of behavioral change.

Global Programs

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Content is most suited for students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

  1. Introducing Study Abroad Programs: Descriptions of the different study abroad programs the CALS Study Abroad Office has to offer including current program options and future options to consider.
  2. Steps to Studying Abroad: Step-by-step guide to choosing a program that best fits each student's goals and completing the program application process.
  3. Scholarships: We don't want money to keep anyone from studying abroad. Learn more about the scholarships available through our office and different ways to fund each international experience.
  4. Why Study Abroad?: Discussion of the academic, professional, and personal benefits of studying abroad.
  5. Market Your Experience: We are confident that each study abroad experience will be "so much fun" and everyone meets "so many cool people", but we'll help each student better communicate their experience when interviewing for jobs and/or applying for higher education so that they will stand out above the crowd.