Students will complete four modules, in any order, at their own pace during the first four-weeks of the spring semester. The modules will address managing your money to meet college expenses, making smart financial decisions, reducing dependence on credit and debt and maximizing financial aid options to minimize student loan debt.

Training instructions and assignments will be available through Canvas but students will visit to complete the assignments.

CashCourse is operated by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and is free for students to use. CashCourse provides free online financial education materials through modules, articles, worksheets, videos, and calculators to help students take control of their financial futures.

Students should create an free online account using their ISU email address with CashCourse at When Cyclone CashCourse is complete, students will still have access to the wealth of financial information and resources that CashCourse provides. We encourage students to refer back to CashCourse as needed to find pertinent financial information and guidance as their need for financial information evolves.